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die for you
Hi my name is Eva, I'm really dumb and I like EreMika a lot
 People crying over EreMika


joins bandwagon quietly… . .

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my queen

How am I supposed to carry the weight of the world? 

but consider this: eren being armin's weapon. SE AU sounds really rad
that would be really cool as well because i bet at the beginning Eren is BIG problems turning into a weapon and Armin is kinda insecure but they would work it out together aaah I have mighty need

okay but what are eren and armin doing  in soul eater not! ??


Mikasa Ackerman: One Woman Army

Mikasa can take on all those titans without all y’all.

Obviously another parody of this wartime propaganda poster.

I’ve always wanted to do one.

A tribute to Episode 7 of the “attack on titan” anime when everyone was losing their shit and Mikasa’s just like STOP IT. You don’t even need to do anything, I’ll take care of it you babies.

Will probably be available as a poster for Fanime 2014 and Anime Expo!

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  • ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: Eren/Mikasa
  • ʀᴀᴛɪɴɢ: T

SUMMARY;  Gifts are so hard to choose. What the heck. 

misc: This story is inspired by my seatmate’s story who is currently the heartthrob of the school (believe me, he has the worst personality) but we don’t talk anymore due to some… circumstances. ಥ⌣ಥ  But yeah, adolescence is cool.

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A long time ago, I had those magic moe powers… not anymore. Use them wisely Mikasa.

I have a headcanon 4 the next chap. which I hope becomes true!!! When the gang saves Eren and Historia, Eren is alone outside the house and Mikasa confronts him and says she was worried 4 him and was scared and Eren gently touches her cheek and says I'm back so no need to worry and we'll always stay together, remember? He smiles gently and she presses her cheek against his hand and Armin or Levi appear out of nowhere. It's likely since it's not so fluffy like kissing etc. I HOPE THIS HAPPENS!!!
like that’s really cute but we’re talking about eren here and



mikasa’s always been the one who’s so openly affectionate and protective and everyone’s all blown away when eren’s the first one to confess and his entire confession is just yelling and holding her hands and muttering to himself and getting the thumbs up from armin

It is no secret that the strongest female in the legion harbors feelings for the renowned titan-shifter.

Fleeting touches, warm embraces, secret kisses, and even openly declaring her undying loyalty (affection) to Eren aren’t new.

Sadly, the responses that Mikasa receives are nowhere near the level of endearment she shows to her green-eyed boy.

And so, it is no wonder that when a blushing Jaeger marched up and held a shocked Mikasa’s hands, everyone’s eyes grew big in disbelief.

"I LOVE YOU, OKAY?" His voice, near shouting (with hints of embarrassment), almost blows away Mikasa’s eardrums (heart), "AND I’M TELLING YOU THIS AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE SO YOU’LL NEVER FORGET IT."

Eren’s shaking hands grab Mikasa’s as he continues, “so please, don’t look at anybody else. Don’t ever go away from me. Don’t ever be reckless for me. Don’t ever lay your life for me. because I-” He breathes and glances at a grinning Armin in the background, “…What is life without you in it?”


But her voice is cut-off when a pair of lips smashes onto her own.

"Your mine, Mikasa." Eren whispers in her ear, "You’re mine. Always mine. Ever since the day I gave you my scarf."

(And nothing else mattered, only her - heart beating, lips quivering, tears flowing -, and him - gentle hands, soft eyes, and a thousand confessions.)


*I love this headcanon. ^^