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die for you
Hi my name is Eva, I'm trash and I like Mikasa a lot
 People crying over EreMika


Big brother Eren isn’t always a dick… no, wait. He is. He’s totally a dick.

Brother and sister did that all the time. At first I thought they were playing with me, but they leave me there while they watched tv :’(


I was working on a rather long eremika thing .. but i got tired so I thought I’d do something quick to post 
quick by the way means a whole day’s work 

and while I was at it , I thought why not color it?
it kind of turned into a shoujo XD 

Mikasa and touka are now my two little angels
YESS! They are both so great 

'i can't lose any more family'

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I’m glad you came back.”


"The three of us"


Not your average shoujo girl.
Still drowning in Sailor Moon feels I realise that we all need more Sailor Mikasa in our lives.


Mikasa and Eren married with children would be precious in the fact that they love being parents so much that their identities almost solely morph into “Mom” and “Dad” and they forgo their names entirely.

Eren and his daughter get in a fight and they both need Mikasa’s attention and Eren’s just like, “MOM YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND I KNOW SHE’S SEVEN BUT I CAN’T LET HER WIN AT CHESS SHE’LL GROW UP WITH UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.”

Mikasa calls Eren for dinner by shouting, “DAD DINNER’S READY.”

Eren and his kids are at the market and they get separated from Mikasa and he doesn’t understand why she won’t answer they keep calling for her. “MOM! MOM, WHERE DID YOU GO?” and later tells her that, really, she should recognize his voice by now.

Mikasa at said market demanding Eren and the kids put back those sweets “Dad, I saw you buy those chocolates I told you we don’t need them.”

Eren and Mikasa in complete adult settings without kids and still calling each other “Mom” and “Dad” in front of all their peers. “Sorry we’re late Armin, Dad couldn’t find his goddamn keys.” “Maybe you shouldn’t move my stuff, Mom!”


Do you have an any more Eremika headcanons??

here’s a silly platonic one:

Eren and Mikasa are scary good at doing impersonations of each other. They’ve got every nuance of each other down, and they can even change their voices to sound like one another until puberty takes a toll.

The first time Mikasa does it after they go off to training they’re gossiping about the dumb stuff the boys do and she tries to describe what Eren did during cable practice and Christa freaking shrieks because she thinks there’s a boy in the girls dorm. Ymir begs Mikasa to do it every day after that because it’s Truly Amazing. When Eren does it the boys are simply baffled. How do you do it? How can you get your heart rate down to 60 bpm to even pull off her aura of calm. Why can’t you act like her all the time this is such an improvement. 


gross eremika sketch dump