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die for you
Hi my name is Eva, I'm trash and I like Mikasa a lot
 People crying over EreMika
I'm sorry that you're upset, sweetie... Please don't cry! I believe in you! You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I'm here to support you, so if you ever need to talk to someone... Keep in mind that I'll be here! <3
aah thank you

crying is kinda stress relieving though but I don’t like the fact that school stresses me so much that I have to cry

and like I don’t even have to do much ??? I just have to do an presentation ?? but it makes me so anxious because I HATE doing presentation and my teacher knows I have an anxiety disorder but she still makes me do it and I kinda get it because it would be unfair for the other students but still

I just really don’t wanna do it


An old comic about something which I think would always be a sour point between them. A little rough but I did it in two days from script to finish which was record time for me.

(NB: I don’t actually think Annie did it, which of course, is the entire point of the comic.)

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someone teach me how to do stuff for school without crying


"There’s a limit to the lives that I care about. And that was already decided 6 years ago, so, asking me for compassion is mistaken. After all, I have no heart or time to spare.

Mikasa Week: Day 2

↳ Love and Bonds

I felt really anxious so I sat on my doorstep and watched ants for like 20 minutes and it was strangely motivating


Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman

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I just want Mikasa and Eren to hug all the time like ALL the time and then Armin joins to and they just sit on a bed 


ignoring their problems

My friend aquea-dilabimur wrote about this! :D

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Three Things Carla Yaeger Knows


Carla Yaeger is a keen observant.  Well, technically, every mother is a keen observant.  She knows what each boyish smirk Eren flashed on her means, the reluctant eye contacts, the twitches and awkward shifts during interrogations of his whereabouts, the teal eyes that forever holds the souls of Eren; she knows too well, all and everything.

And when a small bud of admiration springs into life, Carla definitely knows it is there.  To others, it might not be visible, perhaps an insignificant speck of fairy-whispers, but it is ever so clear to Carla.  It is without a doubt.  Although she isn’t Mikasa’s mother, she is one among the very few people who has passed through her demeanors.  Carla knows Mikasa, and she definitely knows what her eyes behold.

In Carla’s point of views,

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if you could have a reverse harem who would be in it and why (you can have genderbent mikasa in there)
aah so it have it has to be males? let’s see

yeah definitely male!Mikasa (because I love Mikasa duh)

Eren (his smile makes my heart go dokidoki)

Haruka Kokonose (Kagerou Project) (HE’S SO NICE AND CUTE AND AAAH)


Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion) (he’s a fucking ANGEL…I mean his personality…..haha….ha………)

Kurusu Syo (UtaPri) (he sings….he’s cute…idk)

Titus (Magi) (I feel like I’ve said “he’s cute and nice” to many times as a reason but….he’s cute and nice)

that main guy from one week friends he looks cute and seems really nice 

I just really like guys who are cute and nice and would treat me like a princess kay bye