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die for you
Hi my name is Eva, I'm trash and I like Mikasa a lot
 People crying over EreMika


He was never worried. He’s just tolerating it now…

idk sometimes I like drawing in a cartoony style


WOah hey here’s some poopy Eremika. You can actually tell where I gave up on coloring this and just started throwing it together lol.

Yeah Idk he’s having a PTS moment and she’s trying to calm him so he doesn’t freak out.


Armin loves the sun, because the warmth reminds him of the feeling Eren and Mikasa give him.

Although Eren finds that extremely adorbs and flattering, he can’t help being slightly concerned when Armin’s skin starts to turn pink. 

Mikasa just watches the two boys that have her heart with a amused smile.

If anyone deserves a beach day, it’s these three lovers!

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the amount of times that this almost turned into angst is ridiculous

//sweats nervously


Big brother Eren isn’t always a dick… no, wait. He is. He’s totally a dick.

Brother and sister did that all the time. At first I thought they were playing with me, but they leave me there while they watched tv :’(


I was working on a rather long eremika thing .. but i got tired so I thought I’d do something quick to post 
quick by the way means a whole day’s work 

and while I was at it , I thought why not color it?
it kind of turned into a shoujo XD 

Mikasa and touka are now my two little angels
YESS! They are both so great 

'i can't lose any more family'

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I’m glad you came back.”